This business is available to absolutely anybody, which can be worked as many hours or as little hours as you wish and you don’t have to have any formal qualifications.

You may be looking to earn perhaps an extra £200-£300 per month? Maybe even replace your existing monthly salary? or even your total household income?  Whatever your reason,  I will work very closely with you, to ensure you receive the correct training and support to allow you to achieve exactly what you need in order to build your business in the right way.


As a personal business mentor, i am extremely passionate about helping people achieve their goals.  The industry is within the ‘Health and Wellness’ sector, which as we all know is the fastest growing industry in the whole world!  We don’t ask that you are qualified within this area, but you must be keen to learn and develop yourself through personal development and training which is available online and also at many different venues.  Remember that this business is flexible and can be taken with you and operated from anywhere in the world.  So as you can already see we are the forefront of the business are supported by the world brand leaders of Aloe Vera based products, Forever Living. Established over 37 years ago and a completely debt free company, which continues to rock the ‘Health and Wellness’ industry and go from strength to strength.


Once we have arranged to meet with each other, i will listen to exactly what you are wanting to achieve from this business and get a strong plan in place moving forward.  We all start at exactly the same level of receiving your Business Owner Box, which consists of our ‘top selling products’.  Once you receive your Business in a Box, you are officially part of my team.. Start enjoying the benefits of these products because as you develop your business it is very important that ‘you are a product of the product’.

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The price for this is £199.75, which is heavily discounted and non profit making by myself or the company.  This allows us to establish your commitment in starting your business.

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For further information please contact me and I will be happy to arrange a meeting with you.  Alternatively if you’re already at the stage of joining my team fill out form below to order your Business in a Box. Shortly after this i will be in touch with you to arrange our first planning meeting.



I look forward to working with you,



My name is Clarise and after being introduced to the business some years ago, I thought this would be a great opportunity to work alongside my self-employed Beauty Business to allow me to reduce my working hours, increase my revenue and afford me more quality family time.

I started working my business from home of an evening when the children were in bed and any free time I had at work in-between clients, quite flexibly, which has been perfect whilst building my business. In the early stages I had no idea what it was about or what it would entail, but I was keen to give it a go and learn more.

I have been given full support and endless training from day one which is invaluable, as this has helped me quickly grow my own business and most importantly grow on my own personal development, to allow me to help others achieve what I am now achieving.

I am so passionate in helping people achieve their goals and dreams and feel that I have found a lifetime career which I can take with me anywhere in the world.  To be part of one of the largest businesses in the UK, with a lifetime willable income, my only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner!


To find out more or to start your own personal journey, contact me here.

If you have already spoken with me regarding the business opportunity or perhaps you are keen to get your business started, then you can do this by following this link.

Fill in these details when applying:
Clarise McAlister

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